Sign to Oppose the Roundup of Half of Wyoming’s Wild Horses

The largest roundup in U.S. history is presently underway in Wyoming. The Bureau of Land Management—the federal agency that manages the vast majority of America’s wild horses—is removing a staggering 3,555 wild horses from Wyoming’s Checkerboard region.

America’s wild horses are national treasures. As a citizen and taxpayer, I oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s massive Wyoming Checkerboard roundup, which will capture and remove a staggering 3,555 wild horses at a cost to taxpayers of upwards of $175 million! This is the largest roundup in U.S. history and will destroy half of Wyoming’s wild horse population. It will leave 3.4 million acres of land — the vast majority of which is public land owned by all Americans — virtually devoid of these iconic animals, harming the local economy that counts on the wild horses as an important tourism attraction.

The BLM will use inhumane helicopter methods to capture thousands of wild horses, rip family bands apart, and then sentence horses to confinement in holding facilities for the rest of their lives. The federally protected wild horses will be replaced on public lands designated for their use by privately owned cattle and sheep, an activity that is both destructive to the environment and highly subsidized by American taxpayers.

I urge the BLM to cancel the roundup immediately and shift resources toward managing these historic wild horses humanely in the wild with proven fertility control. Under no circumstances should the BLM remove horses below the high end of the imposed (and unscientific) population limit of approximately 2,200 horses. Altering the proposed action in this manner will leave 600 additional horses on the range and save taxpayers millions of dollars. Finally, the BLM should cancel all plans to use unproven IUDs on wild horses in this area.



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